News from FaerieCon 2013

IMG_1740Greetings Friends!

Just back from FaerieCon 2013 Celebrating the Magical Life. My friend Cissy and her lovely husband Jason picked me up at the Baltimore Airport on Thursday November 7th. We were so excited for the adventure before us!  The Hunt Valley Inn that hosted us once again for the 5th consecutive year felt like home when we arrived. We were able to arrange for adjoining rooms to make things quite convenient for us. As we perused the schedule of events we were like kids in a candy shop with a $20.00 bill. It was quite a feet to determine who was doing what when and getting it all packed in and organized. Roaming about the hotel we saw a constant parade of fairy friends coming to join us. Friday morning we were up and energized and ready to get the party started. Waiting in line to get our badges and wristbands and passes for the classes we had signed up for was quite entertaining, seeing all the wonderful people arriving in costumes and as excited as we were. The first thing to do next of course, was to make our way into the Market Place and check out the amazing vendors. This is by far the best place to shop for fairy accessories. I picked up a few new things for my Faeriologist costumes and Cissy and Jason found a few things for themselves as well. Author Jim Butcher, (creator of the “Dresden Files”) gave a presentation on the subject of “Heroes and the Other Guys: Creating Protagonists and Antagonists” to a standing room only crowd. This was followed by Carolyn Turgeon’s talk about “Describing the Fantastic: Techniques and Writing Exercises for Making the Imaginary Seem Real”.  Carolyn is the author of four novels: “Rain Village”;”Godmother:The Secret Cinderella Story” and “Mermaid” which is being developed for film by Sony Pictures; and her current novel, “The Next Full Moon”. I came away feeling inspired to do some creative writing of my own. After that it was time for a little nap , then get dressed for the “Good Fairies” ball. Costumes seem to get more and more elaborate each year! It is so much fun to just watch the parade of people coming in. The headliner for the ball was Martine Kraft and her band who were making their US debut. They hail from Norway and gave a very inspired performance. The cheering left me a bit horse for Saturday morning. Morning came too soon, but we had places to go and people to see, starting with Green Man Procession at noon and led by our favorite green man, Billy Scudder, this was Billy’s last engagement with the Faery Worlds folk as he is retiring. I know that I for one will miss him dearly.  Cissy and I attended the “Full Moon Workshop” with Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, where we were lead through a guided meditation. I was especially interested in this class because I have been working on leading guided meditations into the fairy realms myself. We spent the rest of the day shopping, resting, eating and visiting. Saturday evening was the ever popular “Bad Faeries” Ball. This is the no holds barred event of the conference and everyone goes all out for their costumes. The band was called “Niyaz”, a Persian music ensemble providing an etheric set of music for the revelers. Earlier in the day, I had stopped by a booth called “Absinthe and Tea”. As I have been quite fascinated with the lore of Absinthe and have been know to imbibe from time to time, I picked up some custom absinthe sugar, a silver plated strainer spoon, and a device to set on top of the glass to our the ice water through. The friendly proprietor and his adorable wife invited me to an Absinthe tasting party in their room after the Bad Faeries Ball. Well I really couldn’t miss this and it was quite fun and informative. They were only giving us tiny sips-so no crazy hallucinations or anything like that occurred.

IMG_1813Sunday Morning came way too soon, but we still had one more class with Raven Grimassi-“Contacting Your Power Totem Animal”, another guided meditation. What occurred was quite touching and surprising. Our beloved dog Buster who had passed the day after Easter, came to me to be my Power Totem Animal! Cissy, Jason and myself had a farewell dinner together in the bar and as I wasn’t leaving till Monday, I stayed on for a bit. Some friends were playing music in the lounge area and we had an impromptu sing along. So that, my friends, concludes my adventures at FaerieCon for now. If you are in the Twin Cities area, I will be giving a presentation about this years FaerieCon at the Faerie House in Buffalo,MN tomorrow, Sat Nov. 23rd from1-2PM. Come out if you can, it should be fun.

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Upcoming Events for the Faeriologist

Greetings Friends!

It’s been a while I know, but it is time for the Faeriologist to come back to work!  I’m starting off the season by attending my local Paganicon this coming weekend, March 15-17th, 2013. It is being held at the Doubletree Park Place hotel, in St. Louis Park, MN. I am so excited because one of the main speakers is going to be Orion Foxwood! Orion is the author of The Faery Teachings and is well know in faerie circles as a writer and a teacher. Another exciting part of this “con” is that there is a costume ball on Saturday night. It’s great to have an opportunity to dress up like a fairy!

Coming soon: for my Birthday weekend, April 5-7, I will be in Mankato,MN as a vendor and presenter at the Mankato Natural Healing Expo 2013. This is being held at the Courtyard Marriott, 901 Raintree Road, Mankato,MN. I have the great privilege of being accompanied by my daughter, Kinsey Rose. I’m sure we will have a rollicking good time indeed!

The following weekend, it is back to the Twin Cities for another edition of Moonlight and Magic which I enjoyed as a vender last year. This year it is being held on April 14, 2013 10:00 AM-6:00PM.  It is being held at the Sheraton Minneapolis West. IMG_1167The theme this time is “Gods & Goddess”.

I’m really looking forward to a fun year. I am on the lookout for more events to participate in over the summer. I also will be reinstating my Blog Talk radio show: “Chat with the Faeriologist”.

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FaerieCon 2011

FaerieCon 2011

As I arrived Thursday afternoon, the weather in Baltimore was beautiful.  I enjoyed a pleasant bus ride through the country side, enjoying the bright Autumn foliage. Once all the other passengers had been safely delivered to their hotels, I had an opportunity to chat with the driver about faeries. The man was from Ghana and had been living in the U.S. for the past 11 years.  I inquired if he knew anything about faeries, and indeed he did. He told me of the days of his youth when the elders would bring the boys around a campfire during full moon and relay the oral history of the faeries. It reminded me of a Shaman I met once, who was also from Africa, named Maladoma Some. He related a story of how after being educated in England, upon return to his tribe, he wanted to bring a Video to share. He packed up a generator, DVD player and the movie-”Star Trek, The Voyage Home”. The review he received was that everything was true in the movie-except that the man who played the faerie (Spock-Leonard Nimoy) was much to tall!

Upon my arrival at the Hunt Valley Marriott (Faeriott), a gigantic smile burst across my face!  People were busy setting up the wonderful faerie bench, that would soon be filled with faeries getting there pictures taken! My room was ready (an hour early) and I headed off to unpack and get settled in. I checked e-mail and saw Cissy, from the FaerieCon FaceBook Friends, had also arrived and we agreed to meet downstairs. We became fast friends for the rest of the weekend.

A favorite spot for phot ops!

Kimmy Smith and Green Man

The Bar and Grill at the Faeriott, is one of the wonderments of FaerieCon, as you can go there anytime through out the event and find someone to eat with or just have a drink (alcohol or not) and a little chat. Once Cissy left, I spied my friend Jane, spent a bit of time catching up, and then back to the room to get organized for the weekend. (See Schedule of Events.) So much to choose from-WOW!

Friday morning, I got up early enough to do a little shopping and to start getting a better idea of which costumes I’d wear for the Balls. I know some people have this figured out 6 months in advance, but I was a bit by the seat of my pants-literally, this year! It’s 3:00PM and off to the first class, and what a great one to start the weekend with, Wendy and Brian Froud’s “ Finding a Faerie Companion”. Wendy took us through a guided meditation that kept me vibrating the rest of the day and into the night, where I was woken twice by a woman’s voice saying, “Susie, open your eyes now!”. I think I was “off with the faeries” that whole time.

Unfortunately the “Greenwood Magic” event was cancelled because Raven Grimassi and his wife Stephanie Taylor were snowed in! (Meanwhile, my husband Roger, was playing golf in Minnesota, go figure.) I was disappointed as I am sure many were, but it’s always something when dealing with faeries! Being not overly disappointed, and having had the opportunity to make another new friend, in Cissy’s  husband Jason, who had made it in time for the Froud’s class. Not being overly disappointed, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and back to the Market Place to catch up with friends.  I was greeted by Linda Ravenscroft with a hug to last a year!  I took advantage of the free time to conjure a new outfit for the Faeriologist, which I am quite pleased with.  I think the hat is a good touch! I was quite pleased to find that Amy Brown had come this year, after being a fan for that past 4 years it was fun to meet her in person, and pick up a new purse with one of her lovely paintings on the front flap!Our friendly FaceBook Meet-Up Host!

For months prior to FaerieCon 2011 the FaerieCon FaceBook Group had been quite active.  At last count they had nearly 3400 members!  Robert Waldbouer took it upon himself to start a FaerieCon Meet-Up for Friday night. It was such a wonderful idea and I was happy as can be to meet so many new friends. Then back to my room to get ready for the “Good Faeries Ball”.  One of the really great things about faerie people is that we are all friends!  Upon walking into the Ball, Cissy motioned me to a table where we met a family with 4 generations of faerie fans with them. From Great Gramma to the tiny dancer. Cissy’s sweet husband Jason joined us as well. What an inspiring couple they are, having just experienced major damage to their home and vehicle due to a tornado followed by a hurricane, they still came and enjoyed themselves at FaerieCon!  All of our polite conversation went out the door, when Delhi to Dublin took the stage.  The house was rocking! Wow! I loved this bands energy and diversity-uplifting and energetic for sure.  Got this Faeriologist up and dancing with a “Green Man”. The “Con” was up and running.  Sweating, oops, GLOWING, and out of breath, I ducked out to check on the venders who had stayed open late into the night. I stopped off at Robert Quill’s “Artist for Hire” booth and negotiated a caricature drawing of the Faeriologist. I also noticed the very pretty colored overhead lights that were swinging with the music. By the time we finished what the drawing would entail, the Ball was over, so I headed back to the bar and grill with hopes of a midnight snack.  No joy on the snack, but met up with friends and stayed till they kicked us out.

Saturday morning came all too soon. I started the day with a singing class with Syrah from QNTAL. This was very helpful for me to get over my idea that I cant sing at all,which had completely  stopped me from singing at all. I let knowing that as a human being I had an inalienable right to sing!

“Enhancing Divination Skills” with Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor was up next. Wow, I really learned a lot in this class.  It was one of the few times when I was completely engaged and taking prolific notes. Just this class alone was worth the time, effort and cost of the event itself to me! The guided meditation was quite profound, and I still am enjoying it days later. I must say though that, at the conclusion, I needed some “down time” in my room.  It’s one of the perks of having the event in a hotel, you can just walk down to your room whenever you feel like it.

After a little lunch and a nap, it was time to get ready for the “Enchanted Folk” Merry Meet in the lobby, organized again by our fine faerie friend, Robert Waldbauer. A nice start to the “Bad Faeries Ball”.  At this point, I wish to apologize to the  amazing performers of the night.  I was so engrossed in conversation, that time stopped for me, and I did not go up from to check out what I have heard was an amazing performance by Priscilla Hernandez and QNTAL. On my way back to my room I saw Kimmy Smith in the lobby lounge playing her fiddle and parked myself and enjoyed her little impromptu mini concert very much!

Ahhhh, Sunday morning and things are definitely winding down. there were still a few programs to take in, I messed about in my room too long, thought I had missed “Images and Folklore of Olde World Folk Lore”, but headed down to the market place for some last minute shopping and to check on the progress Robert Quill was making on the picture he was drawing for me.  I really liked what he had so far, and am anxiously awaiting the completed product.  Hoped to have it by the time I was ready to post this, we”ll see…. Anyway, on my way down the hall 2 young local people asked for directions to the Mythic Forum, so I took them down there, only to find, rather than missing the presentation, I was 15 minutes early! (Day light savings time ended!) It was interesting to hear about the Norwegian folk lore since I’m married to a lovely Norwegian man. Off to lunch, a bit more shopping and over to the “” to take a look at the Art of Linda Ravenscroft.  With Linda being my “Soul Sister” and reason I even knew about FaerieCon in the first place 4 years ago, I was very excited to see her slideshow.  I enjoyed seeing her workshop, and how she worked with her daughter as inspiration for her painting.  It clearly is a family affair at the Ravenscroft household. One last shopping destination, the Ravenscroft booth.  Stocked up on bookmarks, and a lovely silk pillow for  my “FaerieDen”. I wanted to take home the large canvas, but alas, it would not fit in my suitcase.  I hear it went to a good home anyway.

Sunday night was a comedy of errors in the Bar and Grille, as they ran out of food!  I sweet young couple at our table ran out to Wendy’s and came back with HOT fries and hamburgers, YEA! I hear tell that Charles di Lint and his wife, MaryAnn Harris, gave a little impromptu concert in the lobby lounge Sunday night, which I also missed.  Next year I will pay more attention to music, I promise.  I did hear the mini concert was quite well received.

Oh, Monday morning, I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t come.  Ground Hog day would be great, I wouldn’t have to miss anything!  With a sad heart and wistful Spirit, I packed up my belongings, squished all my treasure into my suitcases and checked out. I did get one more chance to visit with Kimmy Smith before my bus picked my up and swept me off to the Baltimore Airport. I got there in plenty of time to have a little lunch where something amazing happened! I was waiting for my food and reading Facebook Faeries messages, when I happened to look up and see a man smiling at me.  I was singing, out loud, along with the music!  I didn’t even know I was doing it.  I have been cured of not singing, that’s for sure.  I looked up again to see Priscilla Hernandez and her band heading out to her gate.

So here I am, back at the ranch again, doing my daily chores and continuing on with the never ending adventures of the Faeriologist. Already plotting ways I could get it together to attend FaerieCon East in February! I also ant to thank everyone who participated and continues to participate with sharing of photos and tagging.  This group added a whole new dimension of camaraderie to the event for me. And of course thanks to all the people who work tirelessly putting this event together and keeping it up and running!

Tips for travelers staying at the “Faerieott” (Hunt Valley Marriott) next time: You can make your reservations well in advance, you have till 24 hours before your arrival to cancel with no fines or fees. Also, if you are not a Marriott rewards member, you may want to join, it also is free, and it may get you a better room and location.  You can also then make a request for Concierge privileges, which affords you access to the secret free treats room! Ha! Very Cool. Obviously, because we are taking up the whole hotel, they don’t have as many of their upper tear guest, but still provide the service, which has resulted in them just throwing out the excess food.  We could have been eating in there Sunday night-LOL. For the past 2 years I have done this, and it was wonderful, I also ask to stay on the first floor, no maneuvering wings in the elevators.

It was a joy celebrating with every one in our FaerieCon family and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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11-11-11 Notes on another day in our lives.


Hi Susan

Why is 11/11/11 so important?

This is a very auspicious alignment of numbers! The science of Numerology says this day is very important for everyone. This is a special day to pause and take a few deep breaths. Today is a day to Stop – Look- and Listen. Look at your life as an observer would do.

Ask yourself; what am I really about? Who am I? What am I contributing to the good of my environment? Why do I do what I do? Do I have a dream of perhaps. . . someday. . .What is my dream?

These can be powerful life changing questions and when you pause on 11/11/11 to question yourself, take time to record the answers you receive. That is what 11/11/11 is about!

In Numerology, the Number 11 is considered a Master Number. Master speaks to self-awareness and that leads to self mastery or as Pythagoras stated “Know thy self”.

There is lots of talk about 2012 being a year of concern and it will be a year of many changes for all of us. On 11/11/11 it is time to get your house in order! Be alert to who you are and what you really want to do in your life. This is a day to look at your dreams. It’s TIME to decide if you want to start living into that dream. . . now.

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

What does 11-11-11 mean to me personally?

I feel it is a good time to take a look at where you are right now compared to where you thought you would be. Did you get side tracked by something or someone? Did you put something really important to you on a back burner, waiting till you have “time” to get to it? Are you waiting for someones permission before you move towards your hearts desire?
Now that you found, what you were hoping for, take a little time on 11-11-11 just for yourself. If you know me, you will know I am always suggesting that people write out what they are hoping for and dreaming about on blue note cards, and set them aside to let the Universe have a go at them. If you’ve been doing this, 11-11-11 would be a great time to take a look at those cards, and be amazed at what has come to pass! I will be doing this at 11:11 A.M. tomorrow. If you haven’t been participating, this is a great time to hop in. Who knows, maybe the ‘Faeries of the Universe” will be especially inclined to wish granting on this auspicious occasion.

Here are some things people are talking about:

PeaceAngel 4 days ago
I think the significance of any “time-date” is in the eye of the beholder. Rather than expecting a circumstance in which we regard ourselves as “victims” Let us use the opportunity for our collective consciousness “focus day.” An opportunity to “intend” together, Something fantastic for our species.
After talking about 11/11, my friend and I agreed to be available to manifest total responsible, self-care and receive Love from the Love Source through the heart’s door. We intend to love ourselves and become an instrument of radiating love’s light to humanity…the light of Grace, which enabled our receptivity and endowment to align with exactly what the “Love Source” intends for all of us.
I believe if you make any intention, In alignment with LOVE, it will manifest. Lets see the bigger and better Peace and Love Wave than we had in the 60’s. The whole world felt it, this time let’s make it to our next stage from human animal to divine human, by grace. Love to you.

al 2 days ago
what a coincident, the sun, sun spot which is 17 time bigger than the earth is rotating toward the earth. The sun spot is going to face earth on 11-11-11. This spot where are the major solar flare occure, wow! are we going to get hit by a major energy wave on this day? They say fresh energy is going to enter earth this day and it going to affect everything. Only time will tell.

Joanna 2 days ago
Intuitively I feel that 11/11/11 will mark a transition in human consciousness. Perhaps nothing spectacular will happen on the day but it will mark the beginning of a new cycle. Moving away from selfishness/ego centeredness and into unity consciousness. Away from war between people and towards peace and understanding. A raising of vibration into an awareness of our true being as reflections of The One.

Annuna 33 hours ago
just need to feel happy and spread your positive energy!!! something WILL fall from stars and everyone of us are gonna feel it one way or another. Dont worry Be happy 😛

Nice View, Oregon 25 hours ago
I see it as a number of balance. Three sets of two ones. It is both odd and even. There is something reverent in the way everything peaks on that day, like climbing a mountain, an achievement to make you a better person and a memory to draw on in the future for strength. And, 100 years from now, they’ll do it all again, thinking “If they could do climb that mountain, so can we!”

Elegant Spirit 24 hours ago
11 is considered in Tibetan numerology to be a ‘master’ number. 11:11:11 is a triple mastery event in body, mind and spirit which allows a person / soul to enter into a higher state of living by connecting to the ‘mastery’ or divinity in all that exists. It is a profound time of attunement to the bridge to 12:12:12…an ignition point to the future. How to use this date and time: review and renew all your relationships for the better good to take you to a quantum leap into your future. When quiet during this time, you can receive a deeper sense of self or awareness for your own personal evolution. And for those welcoming the age of 21, enjoy your spirits on all levels and commit to an incredible age of re-awakening.

This number is an activation number for spiritual enlightenment. It is designed to cause curiousity and to be researched further. If you see this number repeatedly as many do you are ready and intelligent enough to experience universal truth as it is. It is your life journey and with spiritual awareness you allow yourself to experience life with a better understanding of yourself and who you are. The truth resonates within your soul so deeply you finally understand why you are being sent this number repeatedly through so many different mediums or forms. It’s up to you what you do with this information, I incourage you to take it with a grain of salt as I am not going to tell anyone what is right and what is wrong. All I can say is that the truth resides with in you, don’t let the curiousity dwindle away and only remember when you see it again on the clock. Research this phenomenom and look into it deeper and please don’t ever let emotions of fear sprout, through not knowing or through other negative emotions. Get in touch with your truth in this situation. You owe it to yourself!
Sending Love and Light to all

dave 3 hours ago
Numbers are important to most of us, numbers usually at some point add up and align as they do. i was married on 11/11/00 and today we celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. we celebrate our anniversary every year this year looks really cool.
we did not plan for this number alignment it happened that the numbers link up, too much emphasis on special alignment date numbers where people rely on significance but yet no one remembers when other bad things happen because the dates were not catchy.
this is a good day for me and my family and i am sure others too likewise tomorrow will be a good day and so on.
Numerology is wonderful with the correlations of our numbers making sense, i have done this and enjoy similarly tarot but in tarot there is always 2 paths laid out so this either prompts you to make a decision or go with the flow, so there are no definites here with predictions.
communicate, be positive, and live life as you see it, and have a laugh even at your self, and share, and remember everything is connected to numbers in one way or another.

oseph 50 minutes ago
then let us all connect in meditation at 11:11am (GMT) and create the real, powerful and glorious world wide web and amplify love across the universe!

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Update from the Faeriologist

I have been very busy this month. I have started a new group on FaceBook called Friends of the Faeriologist. This augments my FaceBook page, “susie’s faeries, a Faeriologist by trade”. I am also writing articles for two faerie magazines; “Faery World” Magazine and “Faeries and Angels” magazine where I have a column, “Ask the Faeriologist”. I am also planning to branch out to a few more as well. In September of this year, I gave a talk at Kathryn Harwig’s monthly “Forum” group regarding “Connecting with the Faeries”, and just this last Sunday I hosted “The Faeriologist’s Autumn Festival” in our home. FaerieCon 2011 is 8 days away and I am giddy with anticipation. I will be posting daily updates again this year, and have learned to operate my I-Phone Video Camera more effectively and how to edit video-YEA! I am looking forward to the New Year and all the adventures 2012 has to offer us. I am renovating my Website, so don’t be too surprised if you see strange things there from time to time, I’m working on it. I promise to go forth and be a more diligent Faeriologist in the coming weeks and months. I am “away” with the faeries a good deal of the time, and there is that collapsing time thing in Faerie you know.

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A Faerie Merry Christmas to one and all!

My 2010 Christmas Vision BoardI enjoyed making this Vision Board as part of a “SPARK” project through Cosmic Cowgirls, which I am a member of.  My house is 90% decorated, we have quite a bit of shopping done, we’ve had our first Christmas party here, and are having a “Pot Luck” with our Abraham-Hicks study group this week.  I went to the site and got cheered up this morning.  If you love faeries, I highly recommend this site, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have THIS site LOL!

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

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It’s Good to be Home

My dog didn't miss me, but maybe my faeries did?It’s been a world wind weekend.  Seems like I’ve been gone much longer than 5 days.  Glad to be home though.  I am fully faeri-ized, and ready to begin a new journey now.  Not quite sure what it will be- but stay tuned, it will be interesting whatever it is.

Susie and her faeries have returned to Burnsville

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